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the 12k Granola Company

-   ABOUT US  -


Hello and welcome to the 12k Granola Company. We are John, Kristen, Aria and Lincoln Rodgers, the new owners of 12k Granola. We live in Glover, Vermont, the small North East Kingdom town that this great business has called home since it was started by family friend Lois Barrows. 

Both Kristen and I (John) grew up in the NEK, myself in Glover and Kristen in Brownington and Orleans. I have known Lois (the creator of 12k) since I was a boy, and I know we chatted a time or two about her awesome granola. That is one of the reasons why keeping this business in Glover was important to us and why buying it just seemed like one of those "meant to be" situations.

Our goal for this business is to grow and expand while continuing to bring the same high quality, handmade granola to our customers. We want to get into more of your favorite local stores around Vermont and beyond. We also created this website so that our granola could reach people all over our state, other states and even other countries! 

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