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the 12k Granola Company

Granola handmade in Glover, Vermont


White Market Plaza - Lyndonville, VT

White Market on Main Street - Lyndonville, VT

White Market - St. Johnsbury, VT

C&C Supermarket - Barton, VT

Thibault's Market - Orleans, VT

Bob'S Quick Stop - Irasburg, VT

Coburn's Market - South Stratford, NH

East Burke Market - East Burke, VT

Glover Family Market - Newport Center, VT

Hardwick Village Store - Hardwick, VT

Hastings Market - West Danville, VT

Willoughby Lake Store - Westmore, VT

Parker Pie - West Glover, VT

Jay Country Store - Jay, VT

Willey's Store - Greensboro, VT

The Pick & Shovel - Newport, VT

Lake Willoughby Store - Westmore, VT

Island Pond Country Market - Island Pond, VT

Johnson's Sterling Market - Johnson, VT

Lakeside Camping - Island Pond, VT

Meadow Mart - Montpelier, VT

Newport Farm and Garden - Newport, VT

Quality Market - East Barre, VT

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